Successes of the fraction

Below is an overview of what STIP has achieved for you in recent years and what we are very proud of!

Action on sustainability

  • €15 million set aside for the energy transition
  • Young people are consulted about the energy transition
  • Clear rules to stimulate sustainable adjustments in homes
  • More solar energy and fewer rules for solar panels
  • Roofs have been made explicitly for plants, energy, water storage or something fun like a terrace!

Additional student and starter housing

  • Plans for 2,500 additional student homes
  • Agreements on percentages of shared student housing
  • Stimulating new forms of housing such as ‘friend contracts’

Room for the bicycle

  • More than 400 extra bicycle parking spaces in the city centre
  • Together with residents, streets will be designed to be green and low on cars


  • Stores are open until 10 p.m. on Sundays too
  • More room for terraces, music, student associations and events during corona to financially support entrepreneurs
  • An online events calendar in Delft

Technology and innovation

  • Delft knowledge and innovations for climate adaptation in Delft
  • More online privacy in apps used by the municipality
  • Take control of your digital world: more control, cooperation and open standards

And even more!

  • The consultation hours for STD’s and pregnancy tests have been brought back!
  • The JIP, the place where young people can go for help, has been expanded.
  • A new, safe floor for skate park Delft

Successes of the alderman

In recent years, our alderman Bas Vollebregt has achieved a great deal, as can be seen in this list. STIP is very proud of this.

Citywide, we have pushed through major developments

  • A strategy to increase sustainability, a heating plan, the Regional Energy Strategy and support in increasing sustainability with the Energieloket
  • The car-free inner city will be greatly expanded
  • The development of the Spoorzone (railroad zone) is proceeding like clockwork with many new homes and places for businesses
  • The Schieoevers area is being developed into a vibrant working and living area.

More liveliness in Delft

  • More money for existing and new events such as the Highlight festival
  • The municipality has made the final decision to renovate Museum Het Prinsenhof, including the necessary upgrade of the museum.
  • The municipality is renovating the Rietveld theater.
  • The spectacular Willem van Oranje Musical is coming to Delft!
  • The cultural sector has been supported during corona, by waiving rents, extra financial support and a specific arrangement for artists


  • The Biotech Campus Delft has grown substantially with the realization of a first building, entirely filled with Biotech Startups
  • Great places have been created for companies to grow, including in NEXT!Delft and at Schieoevers
  • Delft has practically the lowest vacancy rate for stores in the Netherlands
  • Large companies such as Royal Haskoning DHV and ABB are coming to Delft and never before have so many companies started up in YES!Delft!
  • To support entrepreneurs during corona, room has been made available for extra terraces, initiatives such as the blue carpets and the waiving of expenses.

All successes

We have achieved so much more! In the table below you will find an overview of all the proposals submitted by the fraction as of March 2018. It is possible to sort and apply filters. In the "Type" column you can see whether it is a motion (M), amendment (A), commitment (C), initiative proposal (I) or written question (WQ).Do you have questions about a proposal? Ask the responsible group member or mail to

Political parties
Fraction member
12 sep. 2023
Maak werk van woningdelen
STIP, CU, D66, OD, PvdA, GL, Volt
Actief in te zetten op afspraken met woningcorporaties voor meer woningen voor vrienden om samen te kunnen wonen.
12 sep. 2023
Maak werk van alternatieve manieren om woonruimte te verdelen
STIP, CU, D66, OD, PvdA, Volt
Actief in te zetten op afspraken met woningcorporaties om jongeren en starters makkelijker aan een woning te helpen.
12 sep. 2023
Formulering Raadsbesluit
Hiermee is een technische fout gecorrigeerd in het raadsvoorstel Beheerplan groen, water en recreatie.
12 sep. 2023
Het gezin aan zet
Te verkennen hoe het familiegroepsplan actief onderdeel kan worden in de Delftse aanpak van Jeugdhulp om tot meer passende jeugdzorg te komen.
12 sep. 2023
Aanmoediging van ambitieuze actie voor de Regionale Energiestrategie (RES)
Volt, GL, STIP
De raad spreekt zorgen uit over de vertraging en roept op tot versnelling van de RES.
7 sep. 2023
Terugkoppeling input raad bij Prestatieafspraken 2024
De Wethouder zegt toe bij de Prestatieafspraken 2024 per brief te informeren hoe de input van de raad wel/niet is opgenomen in de afspraken.
31 aug. 2023
Raad betrekken bij kabelgoten voor laadpalen
Raad wordt betrokken wanneer concessies aflopen betreffende het aanleggen van kabelgoten voor laadpalen in de openbare ruimte.
7 jul. 2023
Schriftelijke Vragen inzake Gebruik van Bodycams door Delftse Handhavers
Over het gebruik van bodycams moeten goede afspraken gemaakt zijn, en deze afspraken moeten helder worden gecommuniceerd. Zo voorkom je dat de verhouding tussen handhaver en inwoners als scheef wordt ervaren, en blijven Delftenaren niet zitten met vragen als 'Wie kan de gefilmde beelden inzien?' of 'Op welke manier kan ik bezwaar maken tegen gemaakte opnamen?'. Dit is informatie die nu mist.