Election program

STIP proudly presents its election program for 2022-2026: "STIP, Make it work". STIP will work hard to make the city more sustainable, combat the housing shortage and bring more life to Delft. And much more besides! Read below what STIP will achieve for you in the next 4 years. STIP takes care of it! By the future, for the future!

Our full Election Program 2022-2026 can be found here

In the next four years, STIP wants to continue working on making the city more sustainable, combating the housing shortage and creating more liveliness in Delft. STIP wants to tackle these challenges with new, Delft-based solutions. We are accelerating the transition to a sustainable city by using new technologies. With smart new houses, we are ensuring that as many Delfters as possible have a suitable home. These new solutions are the very engines of the Delft economy!

Ready for the future

To combat air pollution, heat stress and further global warming, STIP wants real action on climate. As far as STIP is concerned, the municipality of Delft will no longer wait and we will start at the source: we will bring CO2 emissions to zero as quickly as possible, prepare the city for more extreme weather conditions and initiate a major energy transition. In concrete terms, this means that by 2040 the whole of Delft will be off the gas, that as many houses as possible will already be insulated, and that solar panels will be fitted to the roofs.

Building for the future

Everyone deserves a home. Unfortunately, there is a gigantic shortage of homes in the Netherlands. This makes it impossible for more and more people to find something. This is also the case in Delft. According to STIP, this calls for smart solutions. In the first place that means: Build hard where you can, and we will not shy away from the heights. By abolishing the conversion permit, making friend contracts possible and encouraging people to move into suitable homes, there will be more room for families, starters and students. For STIP, new buildings are always sustainable.

Destination Delft

STIP thinks that Delft has started to look like an open-air museum because of the corona. STIP wants to breathe new life into the city by investing in museums, theatre and art, permanently expanding the terraces and creating more places to go out. As soon as Corona is gone, we will celebrate together in a big way! That way, it will remain fun to live in Delft and to visit the city.

Delft leads the way

Delft is a leader in technology and innovation. As far as STIP is concerned, progressive policies on other subjects are fitting for such a city. Policies that appeal to young Delfters. For example, STIP wants attention paid to fun in sex education, easily available STD tests, scope for legalisation of soft drugs and giving young people a say in Delft's policy. We are letting go of old-fashioned Delft thinking and are leading the way in innovation.

Retrospective from party leader Ida de Boer

STIP looks back on the results of the faction with great satisfaction. It has been an intense four years. Despite corona, the council has made great strides. We are going to build a heat network, have adopted a heat plan and a vision of circularity, and have freed up more money for ACTION on sustainability. There is more space for terraces, music, student associations and events. There are also plans to build 2500 student houses and agreements to make as many of them non-self-contained as possible. Large engineering companies have decided to locate in Delft. The first piles are in the ground for the construction of the NEXT! Delft growth building and a spectacular musical about none other than William of Orange is coming to Delft. We are proud of this!


You will hear a lot about STIP in the coming period. Make sure you follow us on all social media channels and especially come by the STIP campaign office. You can find this at Brabantse Turfmarkt 69! Do you have questions about our election program or are you just curious about STIP? Contact Daylam Dag. See you soon!