Our people

STIP is both an association and a political party. Below in an overview of the people from our fraction, our alderman and our board. Are you looking for someone who used to contribute to the association? Then look at former faction or former board.


The STIP fraction deals with the political content of the party, such as drawing up the political line and debating in council, and with 6 seats it is the second largest party in Delft. For questions, you can reach the fraction at fractie@stipdelft.nl

Are you looking for the accomplishments of the fraction? View the motion page


Since 1998, STIP has provided an alderman who is the daily manager of Delft. This period, our alderman holds the portfolios of Sustainability, Economy, and Employment & Income.


The board is responsible for the STIP association. They organise the monthly STIP drinks and our external activities. In addition, the board keeps the party running by, for example, managing the membership list and finances. For questions, you can reach the board at bestuur@stipdelft.nl