STIP has several working groups that provide input on various topics. Below, each working group is listed (in alphabetical order) with a brief description.

Working group culture

We meet once every 6 weeks, sometimes we invite a guest. Last year we talked about subsidy schemes for events. Topics you can think of for next year: smoking policy at student associations, liveliness in the city among students outside the associations.

The group leader for this working group is Ida de Boer. Mail Ida if you want to join!

Working group Sustainability

The working group on sustainability discusses the sustainability tasks that we must and of course want to realise with a view to the future. Where are the challenges for Delft? Where should Delft focus its efforts? And many other questions arise. With the climate adaptation plan due in 2021, now is the time to take a broad look at what steps we can best take. We will also look at the short term. Are there any quick wins or fun, easy-to-implement ideas/initiatives that we can put into practice in Delft?

The group leader of this working group is Jip Enthoven. Let Jip know if you like to think along!

ICT working group

The workgroup ICT is concerned with how the information technology of the municipality can be improved, and originated from a collaboration with the Piratenpartij Delft. Subjects like Open Source, Open Data and Privacy are often mentioned, but they also look at how we can improve the city through IT innovations.

The group leader of this working group is Daylam Dag. Daylam would love to hear if you want to join!

Mobility working group

Last year, the working group Mobility was mainly occupied with the Mobility Plan Delft 2040. Among other things, the working group has put ideas into the approved plan. By participating, you can suggest your ideas and who knows, they might become part of Delft's policy!

The biggest mobility issues at stake are the narrowing of Prinses Beatrixlaan, the roll-out of a completely car-free city centre, the arrival of the Gelatine Bridge over the Schie and the facilitation of shared transport in Delft. The working group meets when interesting mobility issues arise in the city and to think about where we want to go in Delft in terms of mobility. What makes Delft future-proof in terms of mobility? What is needed to achieve this?

The group leader of this working group is Thierry Cüppers. Thierry is always looking for reinforcement: mail or call him!

Working group on the Environment Act

On 1 January 2021 the new Environment Act will come into force. This law replaces all laws and regulations for housing, space, infrastructure, environment and water. At the moment Delft is also working hard on the preparations for the introduction of the law. As part of this process, an environmental vision for Delft is being developed. This vision provides an answer to the question: What will Delft look like in 2040? Everything that happens in the environment will be tested against this vision. An important question is therefore, what does STIP think Delft should look like in 2040? With the working group on the environment law we are working on our vision of various areas in Delft. What makes you happy when you cycle through Delft? What do we want to preserve, and where are the challenges and opportunities for the future?

The group leader of this working group is Rick van den Brink. Rick would like to hear from you if you want to participate!