Happy with almost 2 million for Rietveld theatre!

STIP is pleased that, despite difficult financial times, room has been found to invest in culture. A small-scale stage with major artists such as Spinvis, the Rietveld Theatre is indispensable in Delft's cultural offering. With this investment, it will be renovated so that it remains the place to be for music, theatre, cabaret, lectures and more.

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The renovation

A renovation of the Rietveld Theatre is badly needed. On the one hand, the building is poorly insulated and does not meet current sustainability requirements. As owner, the municipality is responsible for tackling this. On the other hand, there is a great need in Delft for more stages where (Delft) artists can show their skills and the people of Delft can enjoy themselves. By investing in sustainability, insulation to prevent noise pollution and an extra auditorium (!), we are turning the Rietveld Theatre into the creative breeding ground of Delft. A wonderful and much-needed addition to Delft's cultural offering!


In order to give the theatre an extra room and to make the facilities more professional, some of the studios will unfortunately disappear from the theatre. STIP realises that this is very painful for the artists concerned after so many years of artistic cooperation with the Rietveld theatre and neighbouring artists. Moreover, we already have a shortage of art studios in Delft. Fortunately, alternatives have been found and will be offered to the current studio owners.

Naturally, we will continue to follow this and in the coming years we will also dedicate ourselves to this group of artists and draw attention to the shortage of studio space. With all the upcoming area developments, there is still a lot of potential here.


STIP is very happy with the impulse that has been given to turn the Rietveld Theatre into a renewed stage that can last for years to come. Do you have any questions? Mail, call or app to Marnix Weiler.