Would you like to do something more at STIP, but don't know exactly what you can do? Then this page is for you! We are always looking for new talent to make our city even more beautiful! See the flow chart below for the options and read on for more information.

Lid worden

Would you like to have a low-threshold say in the direction the city should take, attend our events and much more? Then become a member of STIP for only 6 euros per year! Below is a list of all the benefits of a STIP membership:
  1. Access to the best STIP get-togethers
  2. STIP activities like jeu de boule, urban axe throwing, pub quizzes and many more
  3. Give input on the direction of the party
  4. Borrow free books from the STIP-o-theek
  5. Participate in ALVs
  6. Participate in committees, working groups and the list
  7. Develop relevant skills through free workshops
  8. Get to know politics in a fun, accessible way
  9. Updates on political successes and member activities through the monthly newsletter

Click here to become a member!

Working groups

STIP has five working groups that discuss the various themes of culture, sustainability, ICT, mobility and the environment law. They meet about once a month to think about current topics from the council or their own ideas. Non-binding but very interesting! On this page you will find more information about the different working groups including contact persons. You can always sign up for this by sending a message to the appropriate contact person!


As a councillor you can represent STIP in the city council. Together with the rest of the council, you form the most important governing body of the city of Delft. A city of over 100,000 inhabitants and an annual budget of €390 million. You are in charge. By entering into debate with other parties and aldermen, you steer the city in the right direction. By doing so, you will bring about concrete changes in the city

Would you like more information?

After reading this, you will probably still have many questions. That is why we have prepared a comprehensive information booklet for you. Send us an email ( or whatsapp message to receive the booklet. Hope to see you soon!