Study allowance for students with disabilities increased!

The individual study allowance for students with disabilities in Delft will be doubled as of 1 April. After the insistence of STIP, this group will soon receive 300 instead of 150 euros per month. STIP believes that everyone should have the opportunity to study in Delft. With this increase we make education accessible for everyone!

Studeren op de TU

Inclusive education

STIP wants to be able to guarantee inclusive higher education for all citizens of Delft. Students with medical disabilities often find it difficult to earn extra money alongside their studies. As a result, some of these students decide not to study. Thanks to the study grant, this group of students need to worry a little less about their financial situation. As a result, they also dare to take the step to study. For STIP, that is essential! Already in 2015, then councillor and now alderman Bas Vollebregt submitted an amendment to increase the study allowance. The increase from 100 to 150 euros was not adopted at the time. Now is the time to proceed to an increase. Why? In 2019 the Lower House already passed an amendment to the law which legally obliges all municipalities to make 300 euros available per month.

Second Chamber wants to equalise study allowance

In the meantime, however, students with disabilities have been waiting for almost 3 years for the change in the law to take effect. Due to the caretaker status of the cabinet, the effective date was always postponed to an unspecified moment. In the meantime, the State Secretary and the Minister have called upon municipalities several times to increase the study supplement to 300 euros in anticipation of the introduction of the law. Several municipalities have done so, but Delft has not. This made Delft one of two Dutch student cities that does not yet pay a study grant of 300 euros per month. For this reason, STIP asked written questions in October 2021. In it, the municipal executive asked whether it was prepared to increase the study grant with immediate effect. The municipal executive did not agree because of the high costs. The compensation from the state was insufficient and the municipality itself did not have the money.

STIP motion causes turnaround

STIP was not satisfied with this conclusion. In November 2021, STIP, D66 and others submitted a motion. The motion called on the municipal executive to enter into discussions with the State regarding the insufficient funds. The motion called for a proposal to increase the student grant to 300 euros as soon as this is legally required. A clear signal for inclusive higher education! The motion was adopted almost unanimously. Now that the government has indicated that the legislation will enter into force on 1 April, the municipal executive has made a proposal on how to increase the study grant to 300 euros per month. STIP naturally agreed to this, although we were critical. The municipal executive proposes that 18 year olds (150 euros), 19 year olds (180 euros) and 20 year olds (240 euros) will receive less study grant. STIP preferred to see these ages receive a higher amount. The municipal executive saw no room for a higher supplement because of insufficient funds from the State. With this proposal, Delft is still one of the three student cities with the lowest amount of study grants. STIP will certainly come back to this at a later time!

Are you entitled to the study grant for students with disabilities? Then click here how you can apply for it. For more questions, please contact Daylam Dag. Do you agree that there should be sufficient attention for this vulnerable group of students? Vote 14,15,16 March STIP!